Food for Thought

Food for thought
(Thoughts really do count)

The following is a children’s story that is a fun, moral, and inspiring tale that anyone can enjoy. I offer it to you dear reader:

Judy waved goodbye to her good friend Sarah. The doctors in the hospital were going to make Sarah better.

Judy wished her friend was not ill. She really wished. She wished she would get better quickly. She really wished.

Judy liked to wish…and wishing for other people was the best!

As well as wishing for Sarah, Judy wished:

her dog Sandy would not be frightened by thunder and lightning…

that all children everywhere would get the birthday present that they wished for…

that Gran could get to the shops by herself…

that all her class mates could get gold stars

that all animals could find enough food (even the squirmy insects)

and that all people could be happy and smiley.

As you can see, Judy did a lot of wishing.

Some days Judy would just sit in her room, cross her legs, put on a big smile and she would wish away.

Over time her wishes became less selfish and more thoughts arose in regard to others.

But just as this change occurred, Judy noticed something new and quite amazing…..


These wishes that just seemed to be simple thoughts in Judy’s head were attracting special cretures.

At first Judy could only see something moving as she glanced out of the corner of her eye.

She was not really sure what she had seen. “May be it was just smoke” and Judy rubbed her eyes to clear them.

But as she continued to wish, these swirls of multi-coloured smoke came nearer.

Finally, Judy could see that they were faeries.

They were busy dashing about as if they were catching something.

Judy was amazed at these delicate and tiny beings who fluttered around.

Distracted Judy thought “Why are they here and what are they doing?”

With this thought one small pale blue faerie giggled and said “We are feeding off your good intentions. Did you not know that we feed off your positive wishes?”

Judy was gobsmacked!

She could not say or think anything. She was just so surprised.

But alas, with no more wishes the faeries disappeared.


Judy ate her lunch quitely.

She wondered if what she had seen was real, or if it had all been a dream?

After lunch Judy’s brother, Colin, had his friend Dave come around to the house to play.

It was noisy – “no chance for wishing” Judy thought.

Early the next morning Judy awoke to the sound of birds.

Their song reminded her of the giggling faeries.

“Time to wish” she thought.

Judy began to think about all the people and animals that had been hurt in natural disasters…floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes…and she wished for all of them to be well.

She wished and she wished with all her heart, so hard was she wishing that she nearly did not notice that a group of baby dragons were gobbling up her wishes.

But when she did notice, she ws excited and delighted.

She was so delighted that when she finished wishing, she ran and told her brother.

Colin was a typical brother: “You silly girl” he said and laughed in her face.

But when Colin was alone in his room he could not help but think “Dragons – how cool!”

he also thought that he did feel sad about Dave’s Dad not having a job, so he said to himself “It can not hurt to try”.


It took a while, but after some practice Colin’s heart started to feel light and warm. He really cared for those he was wishing for…and then it happened…

The most exotic of birds, the Phoenix, appeared.

A vibrant collection of coloured feathers darted by chasing after all Colin’s wishes.

“WOW!” Colin exclaimed

The next day Colin saw Judy’s door was open.

Judy was sat quietly on her bed.

“I bet she is wishing – I should join her” Colin said to himself and so he joined her.

Together Judy and Colin’s wishes brought a whole range of creatures together.

There were the faeries, the dragons, the phoenix, and other delightful beings.

But then…

Some not so eye-catching creatures arrived.

They were pale and pale, thin, and looked rather wretched. In fact you could see right through them.

Judy and Colin both recognised what they were “GHOSTS!”


At first Judy and Colin felt a little bit scared.

But their hearts were warm with their sincere wishes, and they knew that they had each other, so they just carried on wishing.

This allowed the ghosts to come closer. They bowed politely to Judy and Colin and then heartily devoured some passing wishes.

They went away full and very happy!

Now you may be thinking “Well this is alright for these fantastic creatures to feed on these wishes, but what about the humans that are actually being wished for? What do they get?”

But that is the wonderful thing about wishes…

You can wish at any time and in any place and if you really wish to benefit others then you will find that a sincere wish will turn to positive action.

So everyone benefits!


Dad: “So what shall we do for Christmas this year?”

Colin: “The Mission is going to hold a Christmas meal for all those who are homeless, elderly, or alone. Let us all help out!”

Dad: “Well …I’m not sure it is our type of thing.”

Judy: “Of course it is! – It is for everyone!”

Mum: “Well if you two are really serious – Why not?”

And as a result a very joyful time was had by all.

Dad: “We should do this every year from now on.”


Now as our story is closing Judy and Colin have another wish to make:

Judy: “We wish that you grow a strong and loving heart”

Colin: “and that you never underestimate the power of wishing!”


In memory of Judy Legget.

© Rowan Taw, 2012 ©Karma Dechen Lhamo, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Rowan Taw and/or Karma Dechen Lhamo with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.<;;;



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