A Padlock
A padlock
in the fresh cut grass.
A child’s mystery
that could last for hours.


Catching a Cat-fish in a Gourd
On visiting Taizoin Temple in Kyoto and viewing Josetsu’s ‘Cat-fish with a Gourd’ painting and the gourd shaped pond.

You only have to look
inside your own gourd
in order to see that
the catfish is already


the tree


An orphan with so many mothers – Lama


Gentle Sword
A stroke to avert my ignorance,
warm to reassure my fickle mind,
shining to awaken our connection,
and smiling to bring me inner joy,

Oh Manjushri

Your sword of wisdom
cuts at the root of suffering.
Through your loving-kindness
and compassion,
you strike with such gentle
tenderness and intimacy.

Overwhelmed, I bow my head
and put my palms together.
Emanation of Manjushri,
I thank you.

Note: Written in heartfelt earnestness on recalling His Holiness Sakya Trizin taking my face in the palm of his hand.


Naked Ladies
Naked Ladies
Outside the school grounds,
but nobody’s alarmed.


Rock and Water Sky
The rock stands strong and firm
convinced of its solidity.
Sky appears in water
to reveal rock’s true nature


Suffocating on living
another’s life,
we live our own lives


Tree Moss
Unable to sustain
its leaves
through winter,
the tree has
green moss
fill its branches.


I welcome Mara
only to defeat it.
I welcome Samsara
only to negate it.
I welcome Nirvana
only to transcend it.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.


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