Flexibility is important,
but even bamboo breaks,
if bent too far!


“Well in Buddhist circles
I’m a no-one….
oh I’m sorry,
I really shouldn’t brag!”


Fool’s Gold
Fool’s gold is only held by a fool
if she thinks it’s of value in an exchange.
To hold it in simple enjoyment
of the way it appears,
just how it is,
transforms ignorance to wisdom.


If I could catch others’ thoughts
I’d write them down too:

“I fell over a four leaf clover –
it was fate that made you mine.”
(Brian Williams)


For Hui-neng
No bodhi tree, mirror, nor dust
can be found here.
All is indeed void
and yet they still appear.


Fore Street
The morning pours in
through orange curtains,
producing golden-syrup sunlight
that’s good enough for
Grandma’s porridge.


Incense Mind
First incense appears solid.
Lit it appears as smoke.
Finally, it appears no more.




What the head-butt is
to sports fighting,
sophistry is to debate.


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