Forest and City
The forest is noisy,
as is town and city.
We are our own peace!

The forest is quiet
as is town and city.
We are our own peace!


In Transit
Two homes
Two islands

Two homes
Two countries

Two homes
Two continents

Two homes
Two hemispheres

Two homes
Two lovers

Two homes
One heart

Two homes
And me in transit.


Longing, yes there is such longing,
but each time it fades into
the completeness of knowing,
knowing you.

Longing, the ache of such longing,
but it always leaves me for
a gentle sense of belonging,
of my body with yours.

Longing, such a sweet longing
sweet sorrow, sweeter bliss
where I remain fully knowing
I belong in your kiss.


The Messenger
When words fail
Fail to describe
Describe my feelings

When adjectives slip
Slip into meaningless
Meaningless air

Only my eyes convey
Convey what you mean
Mean to me

Now across 12,000 miles
Miles with no sound
No sound between us

My eyes search the moon
The moon I share
Share with you

In its reflection I exist
Exist with my affection
Affection carried by the wind


The wind can blow from North, South, East, or West.
It changes direction in response to transient elements.
If it did not change, nature would be impoverished and rigidly slant.


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