A foolish formula
So what is it to be wise?
I’m certainly not sure at all.
But, to seek a formula for wisdom
must be the most foolish thing of all.


A Wish
May the light of moonbeams
be our kiss goodnight

May the clouds be our
blanket to help keep us warm

May the rain be our
morning shower to awaken

May the clear blue sky be our
nourishment and energy

May the rainbow show us
that all is emanation;
all is a symbol of itself,
and all is well.


To see ‘ambition’ as a desirable quality,
is to have to accept a lack of contentment.
For one goal achieved means another is sought,
otherwise ambition lies fallow.
But in all things there usually lies a paradox;
so I will seek the ultimate ambitious aim
by attempting to settle for contentment.


As we are
By beautifying the body
we often reveal
the ugliness of the mind.


Atmore Terrace
With the right tool,
a tight grip,
and shells
that oblige,
A couple of joyful hours
can be spent cracking walnuts.


Bird song
When thoughts appear
like fleeting bird song,
the wind of non-distraction
carries them away.


The united roar of cicadas
forms a blanket of sound.
So constant and determined
they make silence an illusion.
Individual sounds make one sound
and that sound goes undiscerned.
It is there, but we do not notice,
so all encompassing it remains hidden.


Clouds and Waves
Thoughts are clouds in the sky.
You watch as they pass over pure blue.
Sometimes they blow through so quickly.
Sometimes they move slowly, lingering on.
But when the mind is undisturbed,
no clouds appear, there is just pure sky.

Thoughts are waves on the ocean.
You watch as they crash in the water.
Sometimes the crests loom large.
Sometimes the crests barely bloom at all.
But when the mind is undisturbed,
no waves appear, there is just pure ocean.


Compassion versus Pity
Pity is the child of pride,
compassion is the kin of humility.
The former merely reinforces
selfish superiority,
while the latter engages
action through equality.


Go Beyond
In order to transcend suffering,
to transcend that old question ‘Why?’
You must transcend your designation,
transcend boundaries, even transcend God.

Go beyond, go beyond them all,
flow into space and acceptance,
then with patience and restful joy
you will gently muse, ‘Why not!’


The luminosity of the tree’s green leaves
proclaims its’ aliveness.
It is awake – enlightened.

Its’ vibrancy combined with my own
mental acuity raises the question,
“Why am I still asleep?”


Iron pillows
The cold wrought iron manacles
that bind us in Samsara,
are the cotton wool pillows
that bring comfort in Nirvana.


Mirror drawing maze Mahamudra

To see in reverse and make the
hand follow a contrary path:
the mirror drawing maze.

To give up ego-grasping,
to acknowledge no-self:
the profound path of Mahamudra.

The hand staggers from point
to point, corner to corner,
line to line.

The mind lurches from solidity
to solidity, form to form,
thing to thing.

With practice the hand steadies
and the maze can be
accomplished smoothly.

With practice the realization
of emptiness and luminosity
is stabilized.

The mirror-maze is just reflection:
the drawing a projection
of the mind.

The Mandala appears everywhere –
it is form; it is emptiness.
All that arises is mere appearance.


No more searching
So many idle their time
in trying to find themselves,
when there is no one to find.

We attribute people’s woes
to their lack of identity,
but there is no true identity.

As in and out groups of dualism,
identity causes many problems,
so identity is not the solution.

The antidote to identity is no-self:
stop looking –
there is nothing you lack!



Obstacles on the path,
become the path.
So there are no obstacles!

We can create obstacles
if we choose – leave
the path and soon weeds
appear to trip us up.

But they are just illusion –
The path is always clear.
There are obstacles and
there are no obstacles for
they become the vehicle.


Everything is wide open
The world
The universe
We are all wide open


Pine needle
A pine needle falls –
Bringing great joy!

It falls by cause and effect,
Having no inherent existence.


To be wise and seen as a fool,
to be a fool who’s seen as wise,
Is there any difference between the two
to the man who knows his own mind?


Songs of all languages
I listen to songs in African,
German, Indian, and Japanese.
It does not matter which language
I understand them all with ease.

Without being able to translate,
I recognise the same shared meaning:
they all want happiness
and to be free from suffering.

Now this song sings the same,
as all songs and beings are of a nature
that is shared and inseparable:
the ultimate truth – Buddha nature.


Sun Sounds
The sound of the sun
on freshly rained grass
brings out the awakening
dew of the lotus heart


The Journey of Mahamudra
The infant sees the path,
and wants to move quickly along it;
but,as of yet does not have the means.
This is the ground of Mahamudra.

The child finds the bicycle,
and learns to ride with stabilizers
and supervision.
The point is reached where the child
no longer has to rely solely on stabilizers.
Without them she is free to navigate
the path in a position of skill
and understanding.
This is the path of Mahamudra.

As she progresses further along the path
stabilizers are no longer needed at all.
Eventually a supervisor is unnecessary.
The ground is realized, the path traversed,
and she is adult and she is liberated.
This is the fruition of Mahamudra.


The Swing
Swinging , like a child, on my breath:
in and out, in and out.
The inhale backward
The exhale forward.

Between the body and
gravity’s forces is
a moment of space.

Space where the mind is
free from exertion,
but it is alert, aware, and joyful.

To swing without swinging
and remain free in space –
this is the desired result.


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