May 2012

autumn illusion /
Manuka is flowering /
as if it were Spring

jazz plays at lunch time /
musical accompaniment /
from designer loos

she was once a child /
look for primary colours /
resting juggling balls

lighthearted autumn /
yet to begin in earnest /
rain still insincere
#haiku #poetry #haikuchallenge earnest @myEN

colorful jandals /
sound around the swimming pool /
indeed they flip-flop

Internet vampires /
wishing to meet in the day /
online dusk and dawn

instead of future /
we’re passing time with the past /
hope paused by distance

foster compassion /
my survival strategy /
everyone is kin

try to be here now /
mind and body separate /
thinking of you there

these anxious feelings /
as if I am in limbo /
treat them as a dance

mishear a bird’s call /
no monkey, just a myna /
a minor mistake

during the daytime /
I hide my anxiety /
rebounds as nightmare

early rising yet /
Bristol morning disappears /
our bodies now spent

alone in my house /
I’m a tyrant to myself /
way too much order

“Yuck!” was her utter /
handfuls of brownish wet muck /
pulled from the gutter

create positive /
version of reality /
my malleable mind

I’m hoping to find /
searching the wreck of my mind /

verandah at noon /
conspiring to make me sleep /
sun my accomplice


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