June 2012

such brash consumption /
futile justification /
retail therapy

thermal underwear /
sagging around the knee caps /
not chic but cosy

relative difference /
Israel or Palestine /
dates still taste the same

a graceful model /
master of the temple glides /
through full prostrations

limbs moving freely /
she hides behind the curtains /
naked dance routine

neighbour’s new deck brings /
view of brushing and flushing /
blushing need for blinds

journey together /
master and student both learn /
from one another

human mind and thought /
pinnacle of excellence /
yet so dangerous

Saturday morning /
a chainsaw cuts through the still /
slaying my respite

faulty traffic lights /
red, green, red, green, red /
do I stay or go?

crickets in Parnell /
singing like it was summer /
winter surprises

this overnight guest /
doesn’t want to wake her host /
fearing night terrors

pile of winter leaves /
forget purpose and meaning /
confidence eludes

with a hope to sleep /
cold air firmly grasps her plans /
and forces her awake

is there a price /
that can be placed on a muse? /
already in debt

tears flowing freely /
just from being acknowledged /
message from a friend

agreeableness /
curse of my civility /
colleagues don’t know me

an ageless moment /
great airplane conversation /
with a high school girl


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