January 2012

I can’t slow down time /
there’s no putting the brakes on /
how I will miss you

now at my old house /
children run across the grass /
how barren my life

move to a new town /
she borrows its history /
as she lacks her own

taking photographs /
but no matter how many /
the moment passes

with gum still flowing /
from lower verandah step /
this Kauri lives on

cherry blossom tears /
finding the bottle empty /
time for you to go

such immense presence /
weeks disappeared so quickly /
without him hours slow

like Midas with touch /
my vision imbued with you /
longing in each look

white trail in blue sky /
colour washed out of my life /
you on that airplane

too small in this bed /
will I ever learn to sleep /
right in the middle?

body in tension /
limbs wanting your company /
frustrated night’s sleep

on a river walk /
crushed daisy on the pavement /
looks like my sadness

think of global friends /
imaginary party /
will never happen

such wonderful curves /
my eyes wander all over /
Kaipara river

like this river’s flow /
I’m slowly meandering /
my way through this life

getting back to work /
long day, little consequence /
except thoughts of you


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