February 2012

let the mozzies bite /
sitting on this bench with you /
feeling so content

polar opposites /
hearts connected but bodies /
hemispheres apart

marital status /
protection from advances /
now a lone target

feel vulnerable /
not wanting to hide away /
in this world of men

intentions threaten /
I do not want to be seen /
bag lady aspiration

where can I go with
my nighttime anxiety? /
moon doesn’t answer

she was a tree nymph /
belonging in the forest /
wood brought her comfort

men are so easy /
chewing gum stuck to my shoe /
hardly a conquest

fabric softener /
made her jumpers more cuddly /
for nights spent alone

such continual growth /
tree revealing something new /
fungus has found home

like a child enthused /
she wanted an audience /
she spoke to the moon

when the day’s gone wrong /
picture frame of memories /
hangs my mood ’till straight

ragdoll of feelings /
now my stuffings coming out /
who will sew me up?

something in my roof /
disturbed by all the workmen /
is restless tonight

incessant crickets /
compete in the summer heat /
desires need sating

fire siren in the town /
calling local volunteers /
but all the town knows

picture questioning /
“meeting on the turret steps” /
was there more to come?

exquisite posture /
trotting with my attention /
horse and his rider

wood chips are flying /
axemen in competition /
watch out for splinters

clouds floating freely /
adrift in hot sulphur pools /
body relaxes


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