September 2011

beer makes me dozey /
then email ping awakes me /
not you – so I sleep

scrapheap of old cars /
child’s personification /
she cries at neglect

animate voices /
academics debating /
peacocks displaying

subjective beliefs /
earth looks very suspicious /
from another place

the old pious scribe /
pens a religious thesis /
the work its own perk

living forever /
someone has to invent death /
it’d be luxury

Spring time arrival /
celebratory carnage /
broken blue bird shell

hanging on the wall /
calendar is within reach /
slowly the days pass

scent of sandalwood /
incense smoke draws illusion /
climate seems to change

new discovery /
faster than the speed of light /
modern pioneers

such coincidence /
there’s no predestination /
just random beauty

these conversations /
never wanting it to end /
keep penultimate

drown him in spirits /
so I can claim my bounty /
but sky witnesses

evoking nonsense /
if distance wasn’t enough /
sake drinking night

mixing my cultures /
drinking from my sake cup /
zydeco dancing

a mother’s efforts /
saving children from this world /
by not having any

fail to indicate /
inconsiderate or just /
energy saving?

extinction event /
too much sexualization /
art of love is lost

no silver just gold /
humane view of what’s sacred /
even a stone’s blessed

with no vajra pride /
trying to pierce illusion /
is like a blunt knife

children asking why /
grown-ups also asking why /
cat flat under tyre

inevitable /
these habitual patterns /
always repeating

school of nibbling fish /
offer beauty therapy /
novel pedicure

always changing mood /
sterile, tranquil, and alive /
city fascinates

play postal patience /
personal touch delivered /
handwritten letter

to know and be known /
way beyond the intellect /
deep love intuits

moon shines in water /
lotus petals repel mud /
my mind bright and clear

innocent intent? /
watch myself with mindfulness /
must check my motives

recognize failures /
can teach more than successes /
now I am learning

wasting my water /
crying strains body and mind /
dehydrating tears

hairpin bend misjudged /
balloon like airbag inflates /
she’s pinned in her seat

toxic reaction /
anxious palpitation waves /
life sometimes poisons

seek identity /
by watching Welsh rugby /
we lose by a point

my world of voices /
eclectic song collection /
we all get to sing

darkness as rain cuts /
we shelter by the window /
this wasp just like me

such a welcome guest /
brought up to mind her manners /
she makes her hosts smile

flesh red temptation /
wait for you to come of age /
seven nectarines

growth does not equate /
with personal improvement /
pruning is needed

bedroom window view /
an x-rated performance /
speckled doves on branch

skype intrepid /
time and space are relative /
visiting Madrid

ignoring the I /
speak only two syllables /
it’s only business

contraceptive pills /
twins run in the family /
should I take double?

this giant grave /
of childhood memories /
Westward Ho! Pebble Ridge

sluggish evening /
horizon sitting sunset /
unwilling to move

relinquish desire /
consider another’s needs /
offer love purely

gustatory dreams /
imagination sizzles /
bacon smell fading

comic book ideals /
keep the Phoenix from rising /
want to be Jean Grey

these banal pursuits /
distractions chewing through time /
anchor me in now

hugging for comfort /
I feel like Harlow’s monkey /
hot water bottle

red, smooth, and vibrant /
glistening after rainfall /
skin of a cherry

freely their wings spread /
playing on a warm updraft /
soaring together

effective language /
while sparse and understated /
knowing his meaning

those three little words /
are so unoriginal /
unless from your lips

I kiss the sunset /
that journeys around the earth /
heading back to you

the new beachcomber /
investigating debris /
in search engine surf

living an ideal /
such reality friction /
life of illusion


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