October 2011

eating my lunch out /
hypnotized by her buttocks /
shrink wrapped turquoise dress

try to ascribe blame /
for why his money is spent /
ice-cream splatter clue

personality /
and sense of identity /
selfishness fractures

Ireland versus Wales /
in rugby quarter final /
this Saturday night

savage spending cuts /
philistine philosophy /
save education

pulse rate increasing /
he simmers as he watches /
she appears sublime

sky does an edit /
so much brighter than before /
this moon in the fall

afternoon drinking /
leads to bedroom fumbling /
she has forgiveness

trying to find words /
another haiku challenge /
creative attempts

did my iCloud sync? /
where are my contacts and mail? /
phew – here they all are

stick of celery /
kept in the fridge much too long /
mirrors my limp mood

roots try to hold firm /
windy trees are occupied /
a leaf falls to ground

history repeats /
but we crave fresh novelties /
what’s original?

must clean my spark plugs /
brain’s missing a connection /
forgets why it’s here

a hooker at work /
supported by Helen’s thighs /
women’s rugby match

lying on the floor /
knowing earth is holding me /
feeling gravity

seeking company /
she wastes her time and money /
among mall strangers

praying for world peace /
an auspicious gathering /
Kiwi Kagyu Monlam

translucent dew drops /
save a tiny insects thirst /
life status restored

I pull a sad face /
attempt to pour more sake /
but my cup stays dry


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