November 2011

constantly changing /
managerial policy /
drives workers crazy

letting out a shriek /
at the gnocchi in his bowl /
little ghosts haunt him

assorted liquorice /
cure for feeling out of sorts /
offered by Bassetts

be moderate /
in all things including /

serenity lives /
as I dwindle time away /
puddle reflections

taking a wrong turn /
up a one way road system /
sat nav takes no blame

sometimes life happens /
haikuless and twitterless /
it’s time for sake

flesh is unyielding /
each day I look for softness /
playing pear patience

an odd string quartet /
music sounds so postmodern /
Bartok CD skips

the owls are hooting /
but it’s still not late enough /
for sleep to take me

as if to tease me /
with a craving for bacon /
I hear Morepork calls


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