June 2011

Cat fish in a gourd /
divine tales of emptiness /
ink calligraphy

across the ocean /
ebb and flow synchrony /
two hearts beat in time

Asked for Chai Latte /
request not understood /
homeland seems foreign

hand held to his head /
one more question to be asked /
cigar smoke rises

making me nervous /
coins in the glove compartment /
car starts to rattle

house construction type /
tap now without distraction /
discover it’s brick

Am I succeeding? /
trying to write without rhyme /
possibly next time

trapped under ash cloud /
wishing for the wind to blow /
will my flight take off?

old worn sandstone church /
does my resting hand harm you? /
maybe you erase me?

hot fried tomato /
spoiling my Eggs Benedict /
stinging mouth ulcer

fingers crossed today /
will my house sell at auction? /
need to be hopeful

ennui tonight /
no external fault at all /
my brain is boring

one said he was pale /
one said he was rubicund /
friendly updates fail

solstice at Stonehenge /
used to be spiritual time /
now style and pizazz

elusive corncrake /
did I detect some movement? /
birdwatching mistake

mystery lady /
smooth golden luminous skin /
only in my dreams

disappearing road /
winter sun devours and blinds /
approaching corner

arched eyebrow and smile /
photo shows my amusement /
my father’s likeness

limp damp cardboard tube /
neglected in the wet grass /
yesterday’s firework

subjective concepts /
color our world in rainbows /
viewed with acceptance

gentle impressions /
three lines should not complicate /
simple messages

holiday post card /
money not necessary /
simple enjoyments

sky is a fairground /
candy floss made by the sun /
staining the cloud pink

swan in solitude /
alas my words just disguise /
me thinking of you

poetry breadcrumbs /
leave a little of myself /
memory remnants

who is forsaken? /
long line of buried ashes /
the living or dead?

my energy spent /
and weekend disappearing /
eighty exam scripts

deep call to return /
experiencing hiraeth /
homeland and people

thirty flying hours /
returning me to summer /
heart filled with longing

sending me to sleep /
corrugated iron roof /
amplified rainfall

fingers tense for warmth /
curl around hot cup of tea /
winter in my bones

cloud like a blanket /
covers the sky all through night /
morning breeze awakes

a dangerous way /
to explore infinity /
beware to-do lists

silver dollar gums /
air smells of eucalyptus /
I would pay in gold

thanks Dylan Thomas /
for Under Milk Wood /
“jolly rogered sea”

little white feather /
lost its avian tether /
blown by the weather

rainforest uplifts /
as I sink into my bath /
Amazon soundtrack

the tall poppy doubts /
shorter poppies’ jealousy /
just people envy

hypnotic effect /
captivate with a plunge bra /
when viewed from above

vivid they may be /
memory and emotion /
are just abstractions

tendency to strive /
making haiku 5-7-5 /
poetry contrived

silence across sky /
expecting to hear a scream /
cloud with tail cut off

escaping waves crash /
drawn back by the parent tide /
rolling surf tantrum

please no wake-up calls /
persistent minor bird’s squawk /
Saturday morning

offer acceptance /
and respect will be returned /
feral children cure

funding is withdrawn /
higher education cuts /
scary politics

swerving to avoid /
part of requisitioned road /
sparrows dry mud bath

lying on the bed /
much effort in the making /
simply called a throw

in a rural town /
“anything except chickens” /
payment accepted

no expectations /
going beyond hope and fear /
follow Buddha’s way

green tree fern tendrils /
nature uncoils to create /
New Zealand art forms

lowing sirens are /
replaced by cattle traffic /
town to country move

intersection flirts /
seem to wink at each other /
car indicators

welcoming invite /
from familiar aroma /
warm bread just toasted

indulge a werewolf /
give a full not crescent moon /
inner beast revealed

keeping it inside /
seek a solitary place /
must release this fart

hearing mother’s cry /
a wail containing her fears /
memory echo

my hundredth haiku /
celebrates nine hundred years /
Karmapa blessings

field is so empty /
summer harvest has long gone /
one spur winged plover

beneath denim shorts /
her black and white striped leggings /
smiley zebra friend

to have never loved /
would have been the truest loss /
so I’ll show no fear

she’s in her forties /
freedom and intensity /
she hugs like she’s three

too strong a current /
on no account go swimming /
alarm bells ringing

my current students /
sometimes plus, sometimes minus /
reveal a bell curve

words are important /
wish I had used ‘and’ not ‘but’ /
haiku improvements

time is so precious /
I should not waste a moment /
yet should not hurry

that chicken curry /
should not have been reheated /
bathroom – must hurry

no respect at all /
for property boundaries /
geese on the grass verge

a grave grows a tree/
the sameness of life and death/
leaves now yellowing

just like Indra’s net /
everything in everything /
looking in your eyes

winter confinement /
cold wooden house contracting /
spaciousness is lost

ex-con drug user /
paranoid schizophrenic /
but true gentleman

wanting comfort hugs /
selfishness and guilt arise /
from my failed goodbye
(in memory of B who fell over a four leaf clover)

late in this evening /
shutters on my eyes close tight /
future travel dreams

at morning meeting /
topic I wish not to hear /
colleague had a stroke


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