July 2011

slowly his feet trudge /
with no point to his actions /
his mind set adrift

important email /
mail delivery error /
two weeks to tell me

tomatoes and grapes /
those greenhouse hostage takers /
keeping the sun trapped

saying those goodbyes /
a hug, a kiss, and a smile /
one last look behind

some look for their soul /
in strange tepee places but /
communion internal

in dreams she appeared /
but visits me no longer /
has your daughter grown?

observing flash mobs /
seemingly meaningless acts /
not so meaningless

so much to wish for /
there’s too many wants and needs /
cherish what is here

many years passed by /
keeping thoughts of him at bay /
now I want them back

scattered ashes rest /
tired of her destruction /
we should also rest

poor insulation /
trying to keep warmth inside /
wooden house and me

when waking alone /
it’s as if I had dreamed you /
truth in photographs

time spent sharing life /
reveals depth of emotion /
a forgotten well

daytime influence /
on what nighttime dreams produce /
in turn changing day

a dream to follow /
pinch myself to test it’s real /
bellicose belief

unforgiving soul /
judging myself so harshly /
yet child’s heart remains

always maintain hope /
delay gratification /
biding time alone

changing hemispheres /
requires changing my clothes /
temperatures vary

stretched out like a cat /
catching sunbeams as I rest /
sunny Bristol day

whisper in the dark /
paragon of love speaking /
softly in my ear

haiku coz I have to /
always expressing something /
haiku coz I have to

discard and replace /
this disposable living /
disrespects ourselves

new affirmations /
spontaneously arise /
writing poetry

I will not grow old /
with long unanswered questions /
‘what ifs’ tormenting

I thought I was dead /
but I still have love to share /
renewing my life

just the right amount /
of both tiredness and warmth /
body in comfort

curtailing curtains /
summer in his apartment /
hemming green linen

postcard from Bangor /
woman on a rainy pier /
might throw herself off

Devon clotted cream /
a delicious delight that /
will clot arteries too

child’s view of the shore /
ardent for collecting shells /
spirit of nature

avoiding our pain /
by curtailing our feelings /
we miss out on love

3am awake /
mosquito buzzes my ear /
my sole company

a friendly question /
sounds innocent in meeting /
but I know he knows

defrosting my tears /
freezer aisle brings emotions /
want to cook for you

forgotten desserts /
missed an opportunity /
for creme caramel

five inches shorter /
blue dress in the photograph /
than what I believed

cloud, shadows and tree /
look like zen calligraphy /
this winter’s evening

rain has soaked my shoes /
giving a squelchy lecture /
do I appear wet?

eating vegan food /
on both of my long haul flights /
gave me a dictum

walking enjoyment /
with no sense of direction /
new discoveries

beauty’s gentleness /
fragile wings of butterflies /
support each other

where sun and rain cross /
display of double rainbows /
drink this flower rain

overseas visit /
gave me a second summer /
most days were sunny

my laundered clothing /
aromatic reminder /
his washing powder

her meals a highlight /
a clue to her recipe /
basil in a pot

home country visit /
nostalgic food fetishes /
fish and mushy peas

social poetry /
expediently publish /
with twitter account

words once written down /
interpretation of tone /
voices now recite

sunflowers listen /
attentive to the sun’s sound /
their ear like petals

fluttering her eyes /
sweetness of an angel /
passion lies beneath

Buddleia blooming /
breathing the bouquet’s beauty /
butterflies breeding

New Zealand earthquakes /
seismograph is essential /
they happen often

silence of sea scene /
painted on an ornate vase /
no ebb and flow here

a cold in summer /
sneezing, sore throat, and tired eyes /
last week allergies

reflect on mistakes /
picked up at the opera /
by man in cape coat

sip different brew /
Chinese gunpowder tea leaves /
refreshing – oh yeah

mother-in-law’s rule/
never lose the common touch /
demotic advice

observe clear light mind /
resting in meditation /
aware spaciousness

wind chimes are silenced /
muted by tangle of leaves /
plant librarians

all things coalesce /
we are a part of the whole /
no one’s separate

parachute opens /
falling away from the sun /
she handles the drop

English expressions /
is the self a possession /
when we say ‘yourself’

life on two islands /
both now a place of return /
such constant yearning

in every moment /
of every breath that’s taken /
time to celebrate

coffee is potent /
body clock confusion gone /
jet lag forgotten


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