August 2011

always vigilant /
careful never to offend /
one day she’ll relax

unknown nighttime sound /
heartbeat accelerating /
possum on the roof

as fragile as silk /
a child preserves them in paint /
ochre leaves falling

a groupon groupie /
always buying cheap day deals /
getting expensive

your voice vibrating /
while fingering the speaker /
a hint of contact

sound of a child’s shoes /
she’s discovering magic /
with twigs of a tree

dancing kimonos /
visual ghosts making no sound /
swirl elegantly

when dining solo /
waiters take longer to serve /
crave interaction

chained by feedom’s hope /
like seashells smoothed by the waves /
clueless perfection

fair hair to brunette /
many lives in a life time /
now becoming white

an orphan alone /
has to be her own mother /
no room for freedom

vanishing sadness /
yet only one thing has changed /
empty sake cup

as discontent mounts /
I fight it with restrictions /
oppressing myself

realization /
that I know nothing at all /
a new beginning

chapped lips of winter /
feel a momentary warmth /
before sake’s sting

winter season’s catch /
I wish it was fish I caught /
and not all these colds

dating agency? /
“where people come to get fresh” /
cheeky fruit shop sign

summer season ends /
much like a fading ember /
darkness soon rises

while slowly reading /
your erotic poetry /
body surrenders

binding gravity /
nothing as truly loyal /
as this precious soil

a very fine crop /
but never enough pockets /
for scrumping apples

surprise on her face /
I order a hot chocolate /
my routine is chai

lost on this ocean /
this little boat might capsize /
will you be my buoy?

defining ourselves /
to buy or not to buy? /
the modern question

label on a box /
indicates its right way up /
which way do I go?

defining ourselves /
to buy or not too buy? /
the modern question

the world appears as /
a playground full of adults /
when will we grow up?

embracing this life /
meaning in morality /
mindful self-control

living in this world /
never feeling safe enough /
womb remains barren

car windows ablaze /
vibrant yellow scenery /
gorse bushes rush by

flitting around me /
insect hunting as I walk /
flirty fantail friend

what shall I infer? /
no reply to my message /
quiet disapproval

voice of the ocean /
can you give me a reason /
for my heart’s longing?

an end of day treat /
slip into new lingerie /

social media /
collection of butterflies /
viewing followers

evening rubs my feet /
after the day’s harassment /
finally relaxed

a moment to pause /
steam rises from my cup of tea /
observing simply

slow to say hello /
almost didn’t recognize /
tortoiseshell glasses

neglected pine cones /
intricate patterns ignored /
busy consumer

inadequacies /
in my vocabulary /
linguistic tragedy

free will disappears /
I carve out and serve my heart /
rare delicacy

time to say goodbye /
I undo our wedding vows /
sorry to leave you

trusting in the ground /
holding me throughout my life /
faithfulness of earth

wide awake I wait /
delayed building sand castles /
my sandman is late

wide awake I wait /
delayed building sand castles /
my sandman is late

search light through window /
what does the moon think I’ve done? /
innocent of sleep

so shiny and round /
as if it had been varnished /
bald head sits in mall

“take an easy pace” /
I’m trying to tell myself /
heart rarely listens

please ask me the time /
makes me feel complimented /
I’m approachable

local neighbourhood /
I discover a new path /
following strangers

in dreams she appeared /
but visits me no longer /
has your daughter grown?

once their was patience /
waiting on deliveries /
such simple pleasure

tantrum of a storm /
a switch turning on and off /
brings lightning flashes

cognitive schema /
spreading activation /
every thought of you

a violent name /
for something so beautiful /
views at Cheddar Gorge

only half present /
bodily limitations /
mind tethered by flesh

we are no big deal /
yet life is such a thriller /
journeying to dust

such simple colours /
industry gives fancy names /
my car is ‘steppe brown’

need time to myself /
aloneness can bring comfort /
observing my mind

unlucky for some /
thirteenth anniversary /
last night sharing house

confined memories /
far too irresistible /
time to release them


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