2010 – May 2011

hemispheres apart –

need landline not a mobile

my talk disrupted


song of a tui

like light refracting through glass

tuneful rainbow



thickly perfuming the air

the jasmine flowers


blooming red summer

flaming pohutakowa

rest time for the heart


syrupy song

of a skylark’s offering

trickles from the sky


does the pavement bleed?

as curled up bundle of limbs

says “leave me – I’m fine”


a grave grows a tree

sameness of life and death

leaves now yellowing


tears form in his eyes

father now so close to death

mother’s fart consoles


a party in pink

hedgerows strewn with popcorn

oh those perky peonies


Manuka flowers

winter’s night will be warmer

no need for Jim jams


illusory heat –

melting yellow creates haze

field of buttercups


autumn leaves outside

Mount Albert Memorial Hall

autumn leaves inside


while petals wither

new growth already shows through

chamomile flowers


no more bananas

from this old dead saintly tree

closing Basho’s work


downloaded iku

medical emergency

haiku addiction


kingfisher calls

fledgling away from nest

it is resting time


shimmering sunshine

dandelion trampoline

bouncing bees bob


confetti shower

where is the wedding party?

Kanuka blossom


Without a meeting

heavy rain from darkened cloud

would keep me in bed


heated seat morning

air conditioned afternoon

carport in autumn


bird song in the fall

succeeds in entertaining

smile on my face


homeless man says I

“belong in a museum”

London underground


I want to devour

yet still to find a lover

who likes rice pudding


evergreen winter

southern hemisphere

seasons disobey


she wanted honey

mistaken I heard ‘money’

friendship is funny


will you not let go

of your grasping attachment

windscreen pine needle?


this British expat

experiences longing

for tinned mushy peas


smell of fresh cut grass

stirring childhood memories

finest olive oil


nothing to convey

feelings too strong for haiku

should not write at all


checking the mail box

this season’s neighbor greets me

cold air of winter


my marriage lasted

until ‘Midsummer Murders’

fourteenth series end


time to zipper up

waiting for eggs benedict

open cafe door


waterlogged garden

makes unattractive viewing

I must be demure


to wait on a word

delayed gratification

this haiku


an airport meeting?

concerned thought follows my joy

smell of my arm pits?


I’m snuggled in bed

doves cooing incessantly

allow me some peace


across hemispheres

how different the seasons

yet our talk the same


not enough water

parasol covered birdbath

poor bathing blackbird


I am determined

to put this mind to good use

even on Mondays


flying maneuvers

in a small two seater plane

appreciate life


losing it’s centre

stomach’s gravity lurches

as plane peels away


temperature change

is it autumn or winter?

watching seasons turn


beginingless time

we are just recycled stars

from a time before


this petite female does not require rescuing!

Doubt asks

“or do you?”


far too tired to cry

so I thank the pouring rain

for weeping for me


do not worry bee

there’s honey left for winter

you’ll not go hungry


reaching my full height

as a sunflower in light

awake at your sight


like tightrope walking

I’m always searching for my



nothing absolute

there is just uncertainty

where are my car keys?


a twilight viewing

house for sale looks attractive

even in this rain


painting on lounge wall

our honeymoon location

how to divide it?


cat intelligence

they dig a hole, do business,

then they recover


fear, hurt, loneliness

recovered memories that

mind once protected


unfamiliar place

visiting for the first time

will it become home?


where are fallen leaves

for blackbirds to toss around?

evergreen garden



her sandpaper like skin will

perhaps now be smooth


sickly sycamore

once held in your branches but

I’m a child no more


landing site is sought

hovering over fresh fields

long flat bottomed cloud


rural night journey

lit village getting closer

looks like fairy lights


literate lion

with such muddled homonyms

is stroking his main


on the horizon

vanishing point becomes space

river flow meets sea


a teacher’s bonus

passing examination

the weakest student


issue with skyping

sticky fingers on my screen

wanting to touch you


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