An academic dada

Over the last couple of months I have been busily engaged in writing a journal article on physiological effects of meditation. Given the need to write with scientific precision, my poetry brain has been neglected. Having finished the article, I’ve seized the opportunity to try out a Dada poem by selecting a random line for each page of the article, then weaving those lines into the following poem:

Nonbeing, no world, no existence –

continually grasp at our sense of self, as if we were permanent and non-changing.

Teaching “emptiness to the untrained” being a violation of the Mahayana,

providing negative descriptions of meditation experience.

Relaxation response:

potential to harness the placebo effect.

Operational definition – spiritual transformation,

similar considerations of spiritual and contextual practice.

Yoga techniques prepare themselves,

meditators, the more experienced group showed less activation,

telemore maintenance, reduced expression of genes,

yielding improved performance on visual and spatial working memory tasks.

Seize opportunities that offer the potential to increase our understanding.

And if that was hard going, try reading Nanni Balestrini’s novel “Tristano”, where each copy is randomly varied. My copy is #11652, and while it was an interesting experience, I can’t say it was a particularly enjoyable read.


2 thoughts on “An academic dada

  1. You challenge yourself to a greater extent than I do bit the results are evident. I’ve looked up ‘Tristano’ and was becoming intrigued until The Guardian suggested the necessity of comparing two versions for a fruitful analysis. Aaaaggghhhh…

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