Easement (a list poem – of events)

20140421-113556.jpg[photo credit]

Purchase: fee simple, freehold, clean title – no easements.

Digging: spade cuts neighbours’ phone line, just 100mm down.

Conversation: neighbour waves papers, proclaims “we have an easement”.

Discovery: All of their services (power, water, phone) run under my land.


Legal: lawyers confirm there is no easement.

Digging: though council files and historic titles.

Conversation: ends with neighbours avoidance.

Discovery: my property had an easement to access a right of way over their land.


Concern: the council made it a condition when my neighbours subdivided, for there should be no reversing of cars on a road with so many schools.

Dodgy: the easement was illegally surrendered by a lawyer who has a censure against him for “acting without authority”.

Hypocrisy: those neighbours who removed the right of way at all costs, run the preschool to my left, and collect their grandchildren from the school to my right – all on the road I am forced to reverse on.

Resolution: is yet to come, but I can conclude that there is no ease to be found in easements.