A boring death


Leaving town – two hours in a taxi,
hand clamped to the passport
compartment of my messenger bag.
Late evening head nods and rolls,
repeatedly I jerk awake.

Check-in not yet open,
weighed down with bags,
I hover over tomorrow’s news.
The happening,
I know nothing about,
hasn’t happened.

Aisle seat request granted,
special meal confirmed,
security anxiety as I grapple
and jostle ipad, iPhone,
laptop and kindle onto and
into grey x-ray conveyor.

Relieved of luggage,
I wander duty free,
stare at price tags
on luxury baggage.

Gate opens – wait to board,
last text checks,
kindle chapter read,
press boarding pass
between fidgeting fingers.

Seat found, ritual begins,
everything in place for
the dismissed seat belt sign.


Unclip, reach under seat,
open bag, flight socks on,
inflate neck cushion,
moisturize face and lips,
blanket over me,
eye mask with pinkish purple letters
reads: “Shhh – I’m sleeping!”

Sleep comes easier with experience,
sensory deprivation a must,
no in-flight entertainment,
just close my eyes and
mundane minutes and miles
melt into dreams.

Tonight red-eye sleep comes easy,
I welcome unconsciousness –
flight may pass quickly.
Is it just me? Or does
the whole cabin seem subdued?
I close my eyes…

Slipping into ignorant slumber,
I don’t know who controls the plane,
I don’t know where we may be going,
I don’t know why or what for.
Oxygen deprived sleep steals
all knowledge of this boring
Boeing death.

Having frequently flown via Asia, I couldn’t help imagining and empathising with those passengers on board MH370. It wasn’t my intention to speculate as to what may have occurred, but to reflect on the type of passenger I am. My thoughts are with the passengers and their friends and family who wait on firm news.


2 thoughts on “A boring death

  1. It is best to accept when an outcome is totally beyond ones influence and succumbing to slumber saves anxiety and brings whichever outcome swiftly as, ‘mundane minutes and miles melt into dreams’. The accustomed airport automaton is laid bare by your descriptions, images and tension. Nice work RT.

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