Space expectations

20140202-201833.jpg You know they can appear bird song floating off a tree branch a cat rocking his cat flap before prancing into the hallway the cyclist appears - disappears - appears in the wing mirror a pot slipping from the poorly stacked dish rack You know they can appear but sometimes you enter that concave zone of inward thought time and place displaced with fleeting thought or momentary empty brain, and suddenly Pip is in the kitchen kickstarting your startle response until you again recognise the expected. But what of expectations in space? You would anticipate emptiness empty but for the vastness of possibility so if you stumble on a something, a being, a light, a movement how would you respond - when you know nothing?

2 thoughts on “Space expectations

    • In my case, I’m too much of a land lover. I like gazing up at space, but I don’t want to be up there gazing back down (otherwise it would have to be a very large supply of those space nappies).

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