20140126-092843.jpg[photo credit: pure insight.org]

and abandoned,
maturing too quickly,
veiled in vulnerability
– lost child.

She learns
to trust strangers,
finds the word “family”
to be plural not singular
– found child.

[These two cinquains were written for Mary’s prompt at dverse, where she asked us to write about “two sides of a coin”.]


48 thoughts on “Orphanhood

  1. it is wonderful when an orphan finally finds a new “family” again…people they can trust and knows they love them… i esp. liked the looking at family in plural – think it would be good for all of us if we could extend that view a bit

    • That’s the one joy of being an orphan, you discover how many people will welcome you into their homes, which wouldn’t be so obvious to those who are happy at home with their own.

  2. Very nice — I think perhaps a lot of us go through a period of being ‘lost’ before we are ‘found.’ And so very true, in your second stanza, that family can be plural….not singular.

  3. very apropo considering i spent the last 36 hours heloing a family raise money to bring ‘home’ one of those orphans and i hope their story goes a bit like that second verse…and they too become a family….

  4. Nice take on the prompt, Rowan! I am sure it must be very hard to know you were abandoned at birth but a relief when you are found again. I liked that you ended on a positive note.

    • It wasn’t at birth, so I did get to know my parents, but they died when I was a child, which while they couldn’t help it, left me then with a sense of abandonment. But others stepped in to help me along the way. ☺️

  5. Very touching. I wasn’t an orphan but I made mine the principles in your second stanza – and I’m quite happy I did.
    The parallel structure emphasizes the theme, and the short stanzas make good impact. Bravo.

  6. Well I see from your responses that you experienced being orphaned…it made your share even more poignant. I’m sorry about the circumstances that left you without your parents, Rowan, but am glad you had those who stepped up to parent you. I love the two sides you showed of being an orphan, Rowan.

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