Temperate Tanka


Where humidity
  the fanning rain
under a sleepy tree
sheep umbrella themselves


50 thoughts on “Temperate Tanka

  1. Sheep are such graceful animals..but they have this most unusual characteristic..of being one of the only non human mammals that will seek to commit suicide…

    They get this horrible pain in their ‘nose’ area..that drives them literally mad..some type of parasite i think..starts the pain…that only sheep seem to be susceptible 2…

    So when i see them..’umbrelling’ themselves in the mid day..sun and humidity in Florida…

    That’s what i think..lucky dam sheep..without that dam parasite..

    Simply enjoying life…without that adversity…

    And yes i can relate..as i had the human form of this thing..that some people refer to as Sluder’s headache..

    I too..enjoy life now..without that adversity…

    Well anyway..words often take me afar..from the original..intended destination…

    So..thanks..for starting another journey..here on your blog…

    And Happy New Year 2ya2!

  2. A new verb in an old scene rendered freshly and faultlessly. This traditional image with a traditional structure is very apt and rings with familiarity (for we rustics at least). Jolly good piece again RT.

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