Desolation and Completion


  bodies drawn
together – mutual

Minds aloof
  shun connection.

Genital heat peaks
  disperses into dry-
ice heart.

Empty –
 sickening void


 stealing a breath
fingers interlock,
  bodies mirror –
GRip then reLEAse.

 binds slow
in a tender writhe.

Her varied blossoms
 open – he has all of her:
nectar of her heart
 flows to his
sunbeam warmth.

Bliss of shared flesh
 neverending story
of mind and body


7 thoughts on “Desolation and Completion

  1. A modern fable. You have captured the complexity of intimacy held against the searching light of character, what it does to you (to us), how we process it , how it has become part of our reality (even as it tortures us and shapes us). Your use of old-world metaphors made the clinical pronouncements more rounded and easier to digest.

    …I think my comment is longer than your poem. But your poem still has more to say than what I’ve written in response to it. Such is the power of your piece. Kudos.

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