Office boy

20131109-110308.jpg [School portrait – series no.8 by Gavin Hurley]

From the moment he joined the office
  he stared.
I thought it was a phase that would pass
  he’d give it up once I was
but it’s been nine months, and


he stares.

Every time I pass the floor
  from water cooler to desk
    his eyes peer – fixed on me from
     underneath his Lego haircut.

I’ve tried smiling,
I’ve tried ignoring,
I’ve tried warning:
     “It’s rude to stare!”
        “There’s such a thing as work place harassment, you know!”


he stares.

It’s got so bad, I’m tempted to nut him,
  (as I walk, unavoidably, pass his station.)
I probably would have done it already,
  but one thing deters me:

the lawsuit from the James Wallace Trust
  for destroying their portrait.

His eyes have more of a pinky look than can be seen here, and I do have to pass him to get to my office, but I would of course never really condone nutting the animate or inanimate!


34 thoughts on “Office boy

  1. Objects don’t care.
    Go ahead.
    I would cope, as long as he/it doesn’t smell of detergent or grooming products.
    Maybe a Xmas wreath covering the eyes?
    Nice one, Rowan.

  2. haha…. some painting have that eyes that we cannot escape…oy… annoying to have someone stare at one – even though he or she is not really real….but…

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