With our ambitions


With our ambitions, we left home
determined to strike out alone,
for home comforts we had no time
nor bought into family lines,
rejecting the already known.

We left shelter for the unknown,
left our loved ones so we could roam,
trying to seek something sublime
with our ambitions.

But we would never find a home,
as we had had, again. A tomb
of company buried glad times
where dearest voices used to chime.
Now we just think on those spent times
with our ambitions.


33 thoughts on “With our ambitions

  1. How easily the allure of what we don’t have – fame, glory, riches – can blind us to what we do have, right up unitl what we had is lost and we have nothing to replace it with. A salutary warning, Rowan – and a nice use of the rondeau form.

  2. i agree with it being a nice second part…its sad we dont mature until later in life…i wonder if we did if we would chase these things….and forsake things like family and such….

  3. victims of propaganda and misplaced sense of loyalty. All this worsened by poor leadership and ignorance. Oh, the pain it caused.
    Well crafted.
    How are you doing, and where are you at the minute? I get lost in your travels.

    • Good to be at the dverse pub again. I’m trying to get into the writing swing again after lots of disruption. I hope to be reading more of everyone’s poetry soon 😊

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