Glass beach


Where Pacific – isolated –
breaks along the western shoreline,
where ground squirrels roam at leisure,
man came to California time.

In dark blue spouting waters deep,
whales display the sea’s majesty,
sun stages sandy theatre,
while man pauses only briefly.

He had his business to attend,
such beauty he could not refute,
yet, it can only mean so much
when seeking a place for refuse.

Never mind the sandpipers route,
or where timid nests be sited,
they emptied their trash on the beach,
this wonder scene now blighted.

Such disrespect for sea and land
might have led to a tragedy,
but Neptune sighed and took his time,
then softened all that was glassy.

No jagged cuts did he return,
but pretty trinkets round and smooth
were scattered daintily through the bay,
and all the garbage had been removed.

People came and were delighted,
they cooed at all the pretty gems
that adorned the confettied shore,
and then they helped themselves to them.

With perfect stones for their jewelry,
a micro industry was formed,
and this glass beach became supply,
for which to them it seemed the norm.

But all things have a humble end,
and the glass became depleted;
they turned to their local council,
so as not to be defeated.

They wanted their glass beach restocked –
you would think they had been cheated;
learning little these litter louts
are most certainly conceited!

More on this beach on Wikipedia


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