Amherst at the start of fall


I hear rain falling
rush to put my jacket on
but it’s only leaves


New expression learnt:
“fall peepers” come tree viewing –
New England autumn


Amherst shepherdess:

She invited me into the Black Sheep fold,
a place where seasonal peach pie is sold.
Other shepherdesses might need a crook or hook,
but I needed no coaxing to go visit Amherst books!

(Tonight – I was delighted to meet up with Marya Zilberberg of Arkadia blog [please go check out her poetry]. Amherst bookshop stays open late and has a very big poetry collection. I was fueled with tasty coffee from a place across the road called Black Sheep, so the combination of coffee, books, and good company, inevitably led to some book buying.)


7 thoughts on “Amherst at the start of fall

  1. I’ve been there !! I think it was called the Black Sheep Cafe !!! Amherst is a very cool town but still I usually stay in Northampton as my friend who I play guitar with lives on Main St.

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