Psychoanalytic excommunication


He shunned his Catholic upbringing,
a truth seeking atheist
that became a psychoanalyst.

He rose to the top of his profession,
held in great esteem, his peers sought his advice.
But, no matter the therapy, there’s always the odd vice.

Carnal knowledge still a carnal sin,
at least when she is the client,
he broke the ethical taboo, with one so very compliant.

Passions flare and passions fall,
he decided to end the affair,
and this to her he did declare.

Without her analyst love, how could she cope?
She saw no future in this ending
and threw herself off a tall, tall building.

Her family would have kept it hushed,
but a psychoanalyst’s old catholic guilt emerged,
he had to confess, in shame become submerged.

His career was inevitably curtailed,
the written rule led to deregistration
and social position castration.

What he thought were friends as well as colleagues,
turned out to be people who feared their own doubt:
unable to accept his weakness, they cast him out.

And what of forgiveness in this secular age?
He’ll have to look for it in his own heart,
it’s the only valid place to start.

His guilt, their doubt, a modern excommunication
in a pseudo-scientific setting,
with Catholic parallels, I thought worth telling.


4 thoughts on “Psychoanalytic excommunication

  1. Firstly, you have a delightful laugh. Moving on, your story is quite believable. It contains a moral wrongdoing by a professional obliged to ac ethically. Then there is a reaction based on an immoral brainwashing undertaken by a religious organisation that carried out the indoctrination on moral and ethical grounds in the first place. Was the deceased complicit? So it’s all a matter of belief and opinion and no two people will ever agree on the rights and wrongs of a case such as this. Maybe I’ll go back to your previous post to hang with some safer people.

    • While there are times to condemn an action, an action isn’t the whole person. It interests me that people will reject someone entirely, based on a lapse of judgment. And Mike, your far too full of life to take the safer (deader) option!

      I work hard to exercise my laugh as often as possible – thanks for the compliment 😄

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