Playing with the boys

Maybe my competitiveness
stems from my first day
at infant school?

Asked to pick a “friend”,
I pointed to angel faced Simon.
The teacher became nervous,
the class let out a shocked sigh..
that breathed “She’s picked a boy!”

Or could it originate from
the start of primary school?

As a girl, I was informed
that I couldn’t play football.
Plans to play for England
and Kevin Keegan dashed,
I was made to play netball instead.

Perhaps it was during those
years at secondary school?

There was the year of “Top Gun”,
with the sound of Kenny Loggins’
“Playing with the boys”;
how I’d sing those lines
always emphasizing:
“Girls play too!”

It was then I was socially
permitted boyfriends,
if not boys as friends.

Whenever it was that it began,
I noticed it again today –
the spark, the motivation,
the will to raise my game.

The cause: all male speakers
(mature age profs no less)
and me.

Here was another fresh chance
to prove my gender mettle,
to stick my tongue out at the past,
and those who restricted my activities
based on corporeal distinctions.

Here I was again – back
playing with the boys.


6 thoughts on “Playing with the boys

    • But they are so common and ingrained. It fascinates me that young children’s voices sound male and female long before there’s a physical reason for a difference…so much is socialized. But still I will have my moments of fun!

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