The Wildlife Photographer




for the right moment,
the right movement,
an interesting appearance,
a bemusing behaviour.

He captures inside, outside,
emotions stalk his wild mental life.
He takes no shots,
yet he is a WILD-life photographer.

He has no camera:
words measure focal length,
light’s metered by intonation,
and syllables create the
white(right) balance.

Life is recorded in films
of poems colored and
saved in RAW feeling.

There’s no wastage,
no blurred deletions,
not a single still.

Yet, through all the years of
being a WildLife photographer,
he’s still searching for the one
that isn’t either underdeveloped
or overexposed.


33 thoughts on “The Wildlife Photographer

  1. I like this, Rowan. How interesting to be a WILD life photographer who only uses words. It is true, of course, that a poet captures images in words, and these images can undoubtedly be as strong as an image picked up with a camera. The ending was interesting…makes me wonder about poems being underdeveloped or overexposed. I suppose we have all produced some of each. Smiles. Truly, this was a clever write!

  2. “words measure focal length, / light’s metered by intonation,/ and syllables create the /white(right) balance.” I like how you portray the poet as a wild life photographer.

  3. smiles….we take these little snap shots with our words…and like the photographer..and like the artist we strive for that one shining moment when we craft perfection…and it may never happen but it keeps us coming back…and taking pictures….

  4. oh wow…you need so much patience in a job like this… and always waiting for the perfect moment, perfect shot…ha… i admire people who do great outdoor and animal shots.. awesome

  5. Interesting poem..true a poet/writer observes and describes with the detailed attention of a photographer and the precision of the camera. Curious last line..underdeveloped or overexposed..makes me mindful of how the poet is always attempting to make sense of himself in relation to life and the universe..suggesting to me waiting for the epiphany.

  6. A powerful persona stalks this poem, and these pages, endlessly seeking the perfect encapsulation of expression. One can only wonder who that person is…

      • Sorry, I was obscure. I see you as the photographer (poet) ceaselessly searching for the perfect photo (poem). To me this means that the photographer (poet) will continue to take photos (write poetry) because the perfect photo (poem), being subjective, is never possible. Writing poetry is therefore, for you, a neverending practice.

        As an afterthought, I ponder now as to whether you may be a wild one (-;

      • Not too obscure…I figured that’s what you meant, and you are of course correct..However, I was having a cognitively challenging night (very bad headache the night before my presentation) and ??? was all I could manage!

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