Church shadow dancing


She is dancing with his shadow –
flitting across the churchyard street,
where she now ignores the hallow.
She is dancing with his shadow
turned from his face hollow-fallow
to follow those flickering feet.
She is dancing with his shadow
flitting across the churchyard street.

I felt it was time for a triolet.


38 thoughts on “Church shadow dancing

  1. I can’t decide whether to be happy or sad after having read your poem. If the shadow is a person who is no longer a part of one’s life, then I would be feeling sadness. But if the shadow is a reminder of a person who one knows well, then I would feel happiness and want to dance along! Smiles.

    • I’m not sure I know myself. It started as the idea of dancing with someone who has not been met in person (a happy dream), but then moved to the idea of a woman leaving a bar/club with a stranger and she doesn’t care to know him or see his face…her behaviour contrasts with the church environment on the street (a more ugly interpretation). I say make whatever of it you will!

  2. yes – like mary i wasn’t quite sure if this is a happy or a sad dance…if she misses the person and only a shadow left but somehow the poem has a peaceful feel…so i think she was ok..

  3. Rowan, this triolet intrigued me, because there are so many interpretations out there… the nature of the shadows as in sunlight vs. death, the significance of being in the church street, the fact that the image came from a church broken to smithereens by a tsunami… it’s chock full of resonance, and your rhyme scheme is to… die for! (oops, pun) Imaginative and brave write. Amy

    • Thanks, Amy. I didn’t want to impose too much, I wanted to keep it open, and the triolet meant I could play with the dance and the church, without saying too much.

  4. Interesting dance. Since it took place outside a church, I felt the symbolism was that she danced with the shadow of her religion. I don’t know maybe I’m just projecting but that’s what poetry does right? It touches truths about ourselves.

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