Hypocrite’s house of dirt

20130817-231919.jpg[Castle Chambord staircase, Loire, France by Steve Walesch]

Dank bathroom,
lurking mould,
carpet moist –
source unknown.

To wash my hands
is to feel unclean;
defiled by dirt
in a house of..

a Church warden –
“Pillar of society”,
Head of French
in a Convent school.

House modeled on
Castle Chambord,
hiding so many
unkempt secrets, but..

no double helix
spiral staircase here,
yet facade and
artifice intertwine.

I only scratched
the dusty surface,
but it was enough for
emotional septicemia.

Far away, far away,
I guard my own
style of purity,
forsake dogma,
leave them to
their own ideas
of Christian values.

I’ve used the word hypocrite in the title, but it has occurred to me that perhaps this is not the case – maybe things would have been even worse without the Christian influence, either way the behaviour was unfathomable.


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