20130815-173207.jpg[Verity by Hirst, Ilfracombe]


Today we’re using mathematical forms at dverse. I recently tried a Fibonacci titled A sequential introduction, and so this time I thought I’d have a go at using Pascal’s triangle. I was going to try to have the words in my lines match the syllable count exactly, but in the end I just went with the line total (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32).


44 thoughts on “Verity

  1. wow…what a striking statue…and poem to go with it as well…the first three lines set the tone for this…also like the thoughts striking into enlightened, determined heart-mind….

  2. oh i love that statue… her pregnant, taking the sword, hiding the scale… big symbolism in this with much room for interpretation…i like what you’ve done with it

  3. A “powers of two poem” … the first I’ve seen – and I love what you’ve done with it, Rowan. 32 sylllables in one line is pretty impressive; so is the statue.

    • Friends have complained that I over peel potatoes as I get carried away in the rhythm and pattern of removing the skin, and this was kind of the same: once I was in the pattern of the triangle it was hard not to go to extremes!

  4. I think you have interpreted the statue very well and succeeded in getting a comprehensive amount of that description into the formula that you set for yourself. It must have been challenging (for want of a polite word) so I have all the more reason to praise this particular piece. Another perfectly packaged and artistic poem from one of my favourite poets.

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