Milton pilgrimage in haiku (Christ’s College to Chalfont St. Giles)

20130814-124900.jpg [Milton’s Cottage at Chalfont St. Giles]

I have just completed a John Milton “pilgrimage”, where I was honored and stunned to be able to hold first editions of “Paradise Lost” and other Milton texts in my bare hands (thanks to James the librarian at Christ’s College, Old Library), and visit the only house of Milton’s that is still standing (located in the pretty village of Chalfont St. Giles). Unable to even contemplate writing Miltonic verse to capture the experience, I’ve opted to distance myself with simple haiku.

Old library visit
alumnus of Christ’s College
walk in Milton’s steps

Hands hold delicate
first printed Paradise Lost
delighted voice reads

20130814-124434.jpg [Paradise Lost first edition]

The Prelude writer
hoping to emulate
kept epic copies

20130814-124704.jpg [One of Wordsworth’s copies of Paradise Lost]

At Milton’s cottage
apples still hang on the tree
gleefully, I reach

20130814-124813.jpg [Me in Milton’s garden]


4 thoughts on “Milton pilgrimage in haiku (Christ’s College to Chalfont St. Giles)

  1. This must have been a defining moment for your trip. Awesome even (using the archaic definition of that word). Now you too have put a story down in verse for posterity, as Milton did. Thank you for the photos sharing the occasion (be a bit more careful if you’re visiting Newton’s garden). Glad to see you gleeful – carry on.

    • It was certainly a highlight, and I’m looking forward to my Emily Dickinson pilgrimage in a couple of weeks time (of course nothing gives more joy than my work..ahem…remembering I’m on research leave and it’s not related to my little literature excursions).

      It was a treat to read your earthquake haiku this morning when I woke. Usually, I’m looking at my ipad with only one eye open, but that popped them both open 😊 Thanks, Mike.

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