Can’t tell their Dan from their Dante

20130814-100322.jpg[One and the same: Dante Aligheri and Dan Brown]

Inspired to read Dante,
I search Amazon reviews
for a good translation.

A copy of “The Inferno” interests,
but I seek confidence,
only to find
hellish confusion:

“This was one of my favorites..
can not wait to see what his
mind gives us for his next book.”

Even more bewilderingly:
“It makes me wish I could tour
the places with book in hand!”

Others are disappointed:
“The first third to one half
left me wondering if..
I should continue..

..the premise is great, but
the travels through Florence
are very tedious.”

Finally, there’s a reviewer
who does know his
Dan from his Dante.
He’s noticed a gap in the
Lonely Planets and Rough Guides,
and thus warns:
“Don’t get it for info about Hell.”

“The language is so ‘literary’ that
it makes reading extremely difficult.”

“If you want to read for
rather than poetic feel
this is a waste of time!”

My mind now boggled,
has yet to read Dante,
but there can be
no argument
that these reviews
surely are
Divine Comedy!

The soundcloud recording guest features John Hodgson, of Living in the future present blog, who, in conjunction with my poem, has written a piece on his blog: I finally have a sense of humour about that atrocious writer, Dan Brown – previously my sole emotion was indignation.The original Dante reviews, and confusions with Dan Brown’s “The Inferno”, can be viewed here at Amazon (and yes, I did use poetic license).


13 thoughts on “Can’t tell their Dan from their Dante

  1. LOL! I’ve seen completely clueless reviews on Amazon before, but I wouldn’t have thought something like that would have them. Too “literary”? Hmm. Maybe they were looking for a comic book version of Dante. 😉

    I’ve read “Inferno”. Not the easiest of reads, but definitely worth it.

  2. Ha, ha, this is hilarious! You gave me a good laugh this morning – although I don’t know if it’s laughing or crying we should be doing. I think there might well be a comic book version of Dante’s Inferno in France – they have everything in Bande Dessinee – and they are pretty good too!

    • I’m glad it amused. The Inferno would certainly lend itself to a graphic novel – I think I’ve learnt a lot about classic mythology through them (just wish I could read French).

  3. I both read and listened (what an excellent mimic you are!) to your enjoyable and entertaining work. At first I thought ‘Aligheri Brown’ was an old Patti Page song from the fifties but then I figured that mixing Brown and Aligheri would produce some boutique form of hallucinogen or depressant and sure enough, I’m right again. Thanks and well done.

    • It took a good couple of days after originally reading the reviews to get into the right headspace to record it, as the idea that people would be looking for a guide to hell just made me too giggly. 😄

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