John Wayne made me sneeze

20130810-111207.jpg[from article on “lady spanking” by societypages]

My cowboy dreams
of horsing around
gave way…to…

equine hair lungs,
saddle sore eyes,
galloping nose,
and bridle itch.

My cowboy dreams
of horsing around
gave away…

hero thoughts
of being…
bowed down
by firm lips,
to find my partners…
were…as vulnerable
as me.

Over at dverse we’re writing cowboy poems (I mean about cowboys, not that we’re writing shoddy poems). I couldn’t help reflect on my childhood fondness for John Wayne, and I especially couldn’t resist this photo. It might not be gender PC these days, but it is nice to see a mature in years hero.


41 thoughts on “John Wayne made me sneeze

  1. Bristol Balloon Fiesta…sounds nice..have fun… and oh that sounds like hay fever…tough for a cowboy or one that wants to ride.. i esp. like that bit about vulnerability… we all are…

    • I’m somewhat allergic to most furry/feathery animals, but unfortunately horses really cripple my breathing…so, I never got to ride the palomino I dreamed of…sigh..

  2. ah the balloon festival sounds fun…is that like hot air balloons? if so, very cool…ha…yeah there is a lot to get used to being a cowboy…and allergies def would not help…smiles…that second stanza though,..vulnerable and bowed down by lips, that can happen…john wayne was def cool…smiles.

    • Yes, they were hot air balloons, and some pretty cool and surreal shapes drifted through the evening sky, including a parcel, Panasonic battery, and a championship cup. I believe it’s the second largest event, next to one in the States (but I haven’t fact checked).

  3. McClintock! One of our favorite John Wayne movies…great fun story. Love your poem and the take on John Wayne as inspiration. Thanks for joining in with us.

    • Ah, thank you so much. I do have fun with the reading, and it hopefully clarifies my intent sometimes.

      I’m still having soundcloud problems, and hope I can get to play your recording soon.

  4. The bright side is that your allergies don’t extend to men but yes, I remember how freaky-strange it was when I realised that that my father was fallible and after that the whole house of cards followed. You have versed this figment as only you can. Well done.

    • Damn! So that reaction when I get close to certain men, isn’t an allergy after all…

      My father (and mother) died before I’d left the hero phase of childhood, so I sometimes have a “Peter Pan” like expectations…until the rational scientist part of me kicks in.

      As always, thanks for your encouragement 😊

  5. Thought I’d left a comment here before but apparently not. Wasn’t sure whether to laugh, commiserate or feel compassion for the vulnerable. You arouse a lot of emotion in a few lines! PS I didn’t realise you were in NZ these days.

    • I live in NZ, but visit the UK a lot, and I’m currently on a three plus month sabbatical, which is a bit of a world tour (I have a new “God” son in California), so I’m all over the place at the moment!

  6. I’m not PC, so I LOVE the photo! Great poem, Rowan! I was a big JW fan–still am–and me and my little brothers were allowed to stay up late on a school night if one of his movies was on.

    • I’m also a fan of Howard Keel, and with a feminist psychologist as my head of department, I dread the thought of favourite musicals coming up as casual chat, and me having to confess to being keen on “seven brides for seven brothers” and the songs “bless your beautiful hide” and the “Sabine women”! 😄

  7. Rowan, thanks for dropping by my site and commenting! Funny, I’m a feminist but my perspective is wide, so I love the picture. Your reading of this is priceless… you really know how to read with expression, and your theatrics reminded me of Streisand singing, “I Got a Code id by Doze”!

    So glad you know “Seven Brides.” I am a student/fan of old movies, and when the boys hear the Sabine women as “Sobbin’ Women,” I still chuckle. One of my favorite musicals, a nd so few people know of it!

    The final line of your poem is gorgeous, just the right touch. Sorry your horsy dreams didn’t work out… Peace, Amy

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