Dverse twitter challenge

Poetry in one hundred forty,
so quick to read in its entirety.
Yet it drives the poet to obsession,
just to offer twitter a new possession.

(Over at dverse we’ve been challenged to write a twitter poem of exactly 140 characters)


39 thoughts on “Dverse twitter challenge

  1. ha. two. counting characters to hit 140 is almost as bad as counting syllables…almost…smiles
    zinger of a last line one more possesion…in some ways writing online we are giving away our possesions
    as well…or at least our thoughts…wasnt it a few years ago that FB claimed intellectual rights on things
    posted on there?

  2. oh heck… i heard the possession thing about fb only so far – wondering if they really have the right to do it – but honestly never really checked – probably i should – ugh

  3. Ain’t that the truth! It’s a difficult thing to do write a poem in 140 characters but it’s worth the challenge. I heard that about FB too… I know they sold a friends photo for advertising and he complained but couldn’t do anything about it. Still a cool little tweet poem!

  4. My sympathy for you and your bean-counting peers at dverse eventually led to begrudging admiration then to challenge and finally obsession. That cost me an entire evening that otherwise could have produced my Magnum Opus. The result is here @Mike_McG_

    • So perhaps tomorrow for the Magnum Opus? Well, you have scored revenge on the disruption, as your “double ewes” have created a homophone illusion in my brain, and in between images of sheep, I actually had to remind myself what that letter of the alphabet looked like, it seemed to put a Derren Brown like block on my brain..though I am recovered now…(it’s a great contribution…there’s still time to link up to Dverse if you felt inclined: http://www.dversepoets.com ).

  5. We lose a bit of ourselves through the social-networking sites. But it has also helped us connect with each other. We are universal beings now.
    You say wise words and the rhyme did the magic for me.

    • I used twitter to do the counting, so I felt obliged to give it away. For me, a poem isn’t complete until a reader/listener has made there own sense of it (regardless of whether they come up with what I intended), so I’m happy to let my words fly with the little blue bird!

    • Thanks, Sam. As I’m traveling a lot at the moment, my time and Internet connection are often fractured, but your challenge of 140 just couldn’t be resisted.

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