A sequential introduction

I know
who you are
unfamiliar form?
Fibonacci introduce me
to your melodious, mathematical poem’s norms.


7 thoughts on “A sequential introduction

  1. You leave me behind when it comes to math. I grew up when it was taught through memorization. I know what I need to, was able to manage P&L’s and other business related things and equations I needed to get me through chemistry and the sciences I needed for my nursing profession but oy–not my thing. I love when I see the supposedly contradictory fields of study wed in a poem.

    • I was slightly mistrusting of memorization when learning my times tables, and would always want to check it out the long way. It is fun to merge words and numbers on occasion!

  2. […] we’re using mathematical forms at dverse. I recently tried a Fibonacci titled A sequential introduction, and so this time I thought I’d have a go at using Pascal’s triangle. I was going to […]

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