Gagged and Bound

[photo credit: Brian Nash’s “Bound gagged and nobody’s listening”]

Adrenalin and anxiety course through her –
dull stretching jaw ache almost unbearable,
electrical tape binds and seals, pulling
hairs with each movement she makes.
Trying not to suffocate on her own spit,
she struggles for breath – her nose
flaring, expanding to take the air.
Despite the dank, stifling confinement,
she strives to utter and reveal her location:
“mmm……mmm, mmm……mmm”.

I hear her, I hear her..

An unlikely scenario..

a more likely explanation is that the
train’s speaker is loose, sending
muffled messages vibrating through,
as the automated announcement tries to
tell me the next station stop is:

I know it’s another public transport poem – just bare in mind that I have today endured two cancelled trains, and one delay, taking my commute to six and a half hours!


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