After Lunch

20130714-214532.jpg [Patrick Caulfield’s “After Lunch”, 1975, Tate Britain (fair use)]

“After Lunch”
ZzIzPzPzIzNzG neurons
their p-l-a-s-t-i-c-i-t-y.

to veridical illusions
scram/bulls to establish

Graphic lines
(Where I can’t exist)
pretend, mock, with
their blunt impressions.

Mind then SEIZES
on the still-
life elements in
trompe l’oeil,
wanting to make
photo-realism home,
safe existence
in the seemingly
solid RE-ality.

Tripwire mind –
caught –
falls into
how things really are:
empty of absolutes.

Click – ClicK
A moment of insight.
ClicK – click
shh…sugar into water dissolution.
One hell of an energy rush, and all
“After Lunch”.

I was too late to visit dverse, so I’ll drink alone with the reality/mirage blend prompt, and join in open link night (celebrating two years). Patrick Caulfield’s work is currently being exhibited at Tate Britain – it blew my mind!


46 thoughts on “After Lunch

  1. I love the SOUND of your poem and your wordplay. Sometimes viewing art (as well as eating lunch) CAN provide a powerful energy rush indeed!

  2. ha. i def like the sounds in this…and the word play like the stretch of plasticity….the mocking lines with their blunt impressions…there is a lot of action and energy in your words…nice touch on the impermanence of things as well…

  3. These where my favorite lines:
    “Tripwire mind –
    caught –
    falls into
    how things really are:
    empty of absolutes.”
    This reminds me of coming back from a three-martini lunch !!
    though we had to wait awhile for “a moment of insight” Enjoyed this !!

  4. …what fun to read Rowan… i always listen to your recordings of your poetry but the system seemed down today at my place as i can’t play the audio in soundcloud… i’ll try to play this again later… really intrigue how you read this one… smiles…

  5. Catching glimpses of the ideal through the onslaught of perceptual input. Well done. I also like the stylistic devices to stutter, buzz and bam your way through!

  6. I can see why you enjoyed the painting. It is beautiful, and it inspired the beauty of your poem. I like the dreamy feel of it. Enjoyed it. Today I’ll monitor my feelings after lunch – see if they’re as mesmerizing.

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