Hotel scavenger


Traveling puts her in survival mode,
hotels providing transitory abodes.
She becomes a hoarder of toiletries,
scavenging all the complimentaries.
It’s unclear why she needs so many soaps,
but it does appear to help her to cope
with all the change and unfamiliarity,
by smelling sweetly and being sanitary.

And I’m only just into the third week of my three month plus sabbatical – it’s becoming compulsive!


10 thoughts on “Hotel scavenger

  1. Ha, that sounds like me on my travels! The small sizes are practical and not all hotels do have all the toiletries you need. But at times I do wish I could use my own familiar gels and smells…

    • I still have a set from a Florida hotel in 2008, which had such a fresh citrus smell that they still remind me of the visit (and the Key Lime Pie I consumed too much of), but yes, I do like to pick and use my own products.

  2. Okay I’ll fess up too; I have a huge collection of sweet (smelling) memories on display in an old giant-easter-egg box with clear panels. It’s full. I still weep when I see an ironing board hinged to the wall. Pens are best and… hey c’mon, it’s not like I’m Bernie Madoff…

    • No, you’re not Bernie Madoff – you’d need a pyramid, rather than egg, shaped box to imitate him 😊 And I’m glad to hear I’m in good company!

  3. Until it became such a pain in the ass to carry liquids on flights, I used to engage in this kind of thievery too. It always takes me a few days to regain my home smell upon my return. Traveling is almost like a license to try on someone else for a little while 🙂

  4. I have been staying away from home a great deal lately and can understand the survival mode aspect you describe. In my case, it is more that I leave clothes places – drop-offs as it were so I know I can retrieve them – but a bit crazy. Cool poem. k .

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