If I was a cave,
I’d echo through
my cathedral.

If I was a canyon,
I’d yodel through
my valley.

If I was a river,
I’d skip stones across
my surface.

As it is, I sit at
my computer and
press send.


32 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. I’m cheating a bit regarding the dverse prompt (anaphora), as I just happened to write this at the airport the other day. I’m at a conference at the moment, and still working on my presentation, so I might be slow to get to read everyone’s work…but I will get there!

  2. and send poetry rippling, skimming, echoing out into the ether to find our ears and eyes….smiles…
    this is fun…reminds me a bit of some of nikki giovanni’s playful poems….
    very cool.

  3. That’s the next best thing to do these days. But it offers a lot of solace and well-being to beautiful thoughts for everyone to share! Great thoughts Rowan!


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