Kapala beauty


A marvel..
marble cool beige-brown shades
of oval uniqueness – lightness.

A faint hint of medicinal myrrh
(from an offering, or
cleansing wilted flesh
from bone?),
sanitizes my olfaction.

River running sutures reveal forms:
lambdoidal suture coral reefs the occipital bone,
sagital suture produces EEG waveforms, and
coronal suture stitches front and parietal bones.
Inside: engraved bare, wintry branches
stand left and right Stilton veined.

Cupped in my hands,
the natural fit brings
I bow my head,
raise the bowl,
close my eyes,
imagine kissing the head
of my fellow man,
long since deceased.

Beauty is today’s theme at dverse, and I’m writing about the Kapala, a sacred offering bowl formed from a human skull. Read more about them at Pagodagallery


22 thoughts on “Kapala beauty

  1. nice…fascinating really…i looked up kapala and read a bit about their history…can def imagine the reverence you bring out in the last stanza, knowing it was the skull cap of your fellow man, the connection in just holding it and your contemplation of its architecture and origin..as i said, fascinating…last read before bed, good night.

  2. oh this is amazing. I love the way the language itself offers up such the emotional pull towards the beautiful and gorgeous imagery. Wonderful reading as well. Thanks so much for sharing this tonight.

  3. that is really fascinating…read a bit about kapala as well.. it seems strange on first thought but i really like how you wrap it up in that last stanza with the feeling of honor to kissing the head of one of the forefathers

  4. oh, this is fantastic! you took something people would ‘normally’ be grossed out about/be afraid of – and uncovered the true beauty here. i love your thought process in this – so good!

  5. Super how you combine imagery with the interjection of a technical description. The close is absolutely tender and respectful, a way of ‘knowing’ the deceased. There is beauty in this.

  6. What makes our joy, what is significant to us is not so to another. The important thing is that we pause long enough to listen and comprehend, and accept other traditions/beliefs. (as long as they are not harmful to others). My first reaction was “yuck” but then, the veneration of Saint’s bones, etc is something the Catholic Church has in its history. Love this philosophical poem!

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