Kaipara immigrants


Gorse, a stranger here, nods
a breezy acknowledgment,
across the volcanic landscape,
an alien terrain of golf ball craters,
felted in card playing green –
we’ve both travelled a long way.

Dverse poets are celebrating Week 100 over at Open Link Night – go see what you’ve been missing in your life!


29 thoughts on “Kaipara immigrants

  1. Very crisp and telling piece Rowan – I enjoyed it very much – thank you… Scott www,scotthastie.com

    • Not me! Bio security has been tight here since I arrived: a t-shirt I’d ordered came in the post today with a note to say it’d been checked for bio threats!

  2. …i would def travel a long way & even die to see that aweinspiring greenery… aww… aren’t we all immigrants in this tiny world where the only thing that counts big is our hopes & dreams? ah… smiles…

      • ..no worries Rowan…. i didn’t put my comment here to solicit for your comment back… i commented here because i appreciate & enjoy your works…. i sometimes encounter same issues but ye know… it really happens at times… i can only read & comment on few these days due to low internet connectivity caused by storm brewing crazy back here at my world… i just avail for my own custom domain & got advised the the transition will take for at most 3 days to complete so maybe that was the reason of the sudden technical glitch… i dunno… smiles…

  3. This is beautifully woven; both you and the gorse making a new home far away from your original habitat. The gorse here is in bloom right now – and it looks fantastic.

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