Word foreplay


Embrace me in your language.
Fold words around me, as if they
were your arms enveloping my skin.

Let your expressions
my expectant mind,
inked compliments
my life’s lexicon of loving.

Rhythmically, I’ll dance
to your creative meter,
and pulse to your I-AM(bs)
measured in lilting intonations.

Feel my imagination burn
with climatic desire, as
meaning traverses distance,
and semantics fulfills the sensual.


8 thoughts on “Word foreplay

  1. Oh very, very good Rowan – conceptually, linguistically, metaphorically and poetically. This becomes my first ever reblog. Thank you.

    • Mike, I’m both deeply touched and highly honored. My poem will be very happy nestling amongst your own words, where it will feel most at home. Thank you 🙏

  2. Reblogged this on Fugitive Fragments and commented:
    Over four years of blogging I’ve avoided re-blogging the work of others but before I had even finished reading Rowan Tan’s ‘Word Foreplay’ I knew that the time had come and invite you to read/listen –

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