Amherst pleasure / Dada spam poem


Amherst pleasure

Interface, collaborate,
develop wonderful ideas.

Impressed and excited
with content and rigor.

Mind & Life
position accepted –
“Visiting Scholar”.

Today at dverse we are cutting up text to make new poems (Dadaist style). As part of my research sabbatical, I’ll be heading to Amherst, Massachusetts as a Visiting Scholar of the Mind & Life Institute. Here, I’ve cut up their congratulatory letter to me. My travel plans are likely to disrupt my online poetry activity, but I’m also sure to get inspiration, especially while in Amherst, as I’ve booked a room with a view of Emily Dickinson’s homestead!

Dada spam poem

For a second attempt, I took a nonsense/random spam message then ran it through the Dada poem generator Aprille linked to, and then edited it to have some semblance of meaning

Test narcoses,
then I behind the (e)go
to think:

clutching hand
destroying the only artifact
that instantly holds you –
not aware.

Container ego bit first,
instantly trying papers,
barked back the job.

From whole happiness –
listen – interference –
you interrupted Aida the boss voice.

Exhaustion failed.
I being stripped/carried away – suffer –
letting artistic shepherd circuit the building.


39 thoughts on “Amherst pleasure / Dada spam poem

    • I wrote a list of the words in the letter, and tried assembling them different ways, but regardless the message stayed the same with its positive yet formal language.

  1. nice. very cool and congrats on the honor…i was just reading the newspaper from the mind life institute this afternoon after it got dropped off at the library…bet there will be many wonderful ideas developed

  2. hurrah!!!
    What a wonderful experience that will be for you.
    Hope you don’t disappear off the radar completely.

  3. very cool on taking the letter as the base and have fun on your travels… a room with a view of Emily Dickinson’s homestead…so very cool…

  4. Ha, ha, I love the thought of creating poetry out of those hateful (yet surprisingly poetic) nonsense spam messages!
    Congratulations on the Amherst gig – hope it feels like a retreat and good source of inspiration!

  5. Congratulations! and well, you have created a novel piece of the letter! and did not know that SPAM could be so inspiring to find a place out of the trashbox!!

  6. …you proved that poetry is, indeed, everywhere with your takes and material used Rowan… loved these…. but i was more amazed with your first attempt… smiles…

  7. Rowan- congratulations! Amherst is a nice area. What a great source text idea! I like how it came out… it was strong and I your pride really shines here. Great work and congrats again!! -Mike

    • Thank you, so much. My employer gave me approval to go, before I had been accepted, so it was a relief (as well as a moment of pride) when I got the letter!

  8. I like them both very much. And oh, how wonderful, your visit to Amherst! I wish you a joyous, fascinating and productive time there.

  9. I like them too. Please when in Amherst – let not a artistic shepherd circuit the building – not even if you’re suffering! :o]

    Anna :o]

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