The Poetry of Bathroom Body Discipline

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After the fresh ZingTinG of Colgate white..

comes the face:
   Special cleansing wash
      Clearing skin wash (problem zones only)
         Daily micro exfoliant

Hair next:
   Volumising reinforcing shampoo
      Volumising and toning care conditioner

Onto body:
   Conditioning body wash

Back to face:
   Multi-active toner
      All about eyes (Creme gel)
         Clearing Mattifier
            Anti-aging daily serum
               Active moist

Hair again:
   heat-activated constructor milk

Finally hands:
   Multivitamin hand and nail treatment.

No time for my writing duty,
I am too consumed in beauty.


Written on the side of toiletries,
beauty treatments reveal poetry.


37 thoughts on “The Poetry of Bathroom Body Discipline

    • I was sent a sample a couple of weeks ago of “pore smoothing corrector”, and I was taken with the creativity of the names, so when I saw the prompt, I just had to run with it.

    • Hey, I left out the optional extras:
      Barrier repair (face)
      Oil free matte block (face)
      Skin hydrating booster (face)
      Renovating dual serum (hair)

      Three steps sure will get you out the door quicker though : )

    • Confession – it is true. However, before everyone thinks I’m completely self-absorbed in my own vanity, I would raise two mitigating factors: 1) I do suffer from adult acne flare-ups, which is uncomfortable, as well as unsightly, so my routine helps to soothe and treat the skin problems, and 2) I don’t wear make-up (only occasional use of mascara and lip stick/gloss). So, I am just trying to keep my skin healthy – honest : )

  1. ha smiles…beauty matters can occupy someone for hours…i don’t take the whole beauty thing too seriously and rather write a poem or two in the saved time…smiles…but that’s probably why i look rather middle-class..smiles

  2. …aww, i must confess i do pay more attention on how to look good so i do spend quite some bucks for toner, scrubs, facial wash, etc plus a regular monthly facial & skin treatments… aww ok…that’s too much… i think you provide a clear discussion on proper grooming… smiles… loved your take!

  3. This reminds me of a time I was talking to an online dating prospect, and I told him that I had to get ready to go to sleep, and he could not understand that concept of getting ready to go to sleep…I guess, he doesn’t brush his teeth or take his clothes off or??? My point is, that your poem reminded me that we all have ritual, well, not everyone, I guess. Of course, I never met him..

    high tech toilet power

  4. Wonderful ritual, Rowan! Just like in the army, they go by numbers shouting out each step! It worked wonders. One is likely to remember better! Nicely1


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