Machiavellian seasons

Icy Death photo Icycool.jpg

[photo credit: Icy death by Insanelycrazy6661]

resists parting,
crying faded leaf tears.
Incumbent, slippery winter
ices fall.


35 thoughts on “Machiavellian seasons

  1. must have opposite seasons as us…i love autumn…its like a sweet relief before that ice comes…and the leaves are so beautiful in their dying breathes…i like how you portray the leaves as tears as it becomes a heavy season for sure…

  2. Beautiful description of the bittersweet season of autumn. It’s like being teased with something nummy and getting it ripped away from you as winter takes it’s place. Beautiful poem.

  3. It could almost make me crave Autumn, except here, we just are emerged from month since last snowfall…:) But lovely just the same.

  4. Something so lovely about Autumn…but resistance is futile so they say, winter will have its day. There is beauty in the season of ice though too. Nice seasonal piece. 🙂

  5. Nicely written, Rowan – even if you managed to slip a syllable out of the third line and into the second line of your cinquain 🙂 I shouldn’t worry about it; Adelaide Crapsey didn’t stick rigidly to the form either – and she invented it.

    • Thanks Tony, I had two versions I was working with, as I was toggling between the wordpress app (that won’t let me centre) and the online version, and though I’m sure I changed versions, it seems to have reverted to the “cries” instead of “crying” version. I’ll try and reset it, but I might give up, as the meaning is the same, and as you say Crapsey deviated from the format!

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