Pattern seeking


Rouged cheek on orangey, gold tan,
liquid forming (through backdrop sky)
a momentary Mohican,
then gravity recalls the dyes.

Reptile skull, or beveled helmet,
unique form with unknown preset,
solidity obliterated –
mind’s patterns disintegrated.

Over at dverse we are writing poems based on the abstract art of Leovi (photo by Leovi)


31 thoughts on “Pattern seeking

  1. The idea of a momentary Mohican made me smile. Sometimes minds patterns DO disintegrate before our very eyes. I like what you did with the picture….clever interpretation.

  2. ha….i hear you…our minds look and attach meaning but if you look long enough the patterns start to change a bit…you see other things, notice things you didnt before…like the gravity calls line as well…it adds a bit of movement…fluidity…

  3. Now that you mentioned it, I can see the reptile skull or beveled helmet ~ I marvel how the mind can see patterns and hues ~ Excellent response to the prompt ~ Have a good weekend ~

  4. …your poem today possessed the quality of abstraction… vaguely insane to demonstrate… lol… your chosen photo is particularly deceiving as i kind of look at it almost the same way you see it… reptile skull or some kind of a gladiator wearing battle helmet… or a head of a trojan horse… ha… smiles…

  5. reptile skull…ha…cool images… the backdrop sky, a momentary Mohican ..i just talked to a friend yesterday who works for an eye doctor how our mind fills in things – completes images out of experience – really like what you make us see here

  6. unique form with unknown preset,
    solidity obliterated –
    mind’s patterns disintegrated.

    Sadly if not careful one can be rudely awaken. How true Rowan!


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