White Mouse

Flea market,
antiques shop,
gold and brass,
a vase embossed.

I don’t know where,
but I’m care-taking,
watching over
vintage furniture.

Disruption, interruption,
disquieting threat –
anxiety of protection.
They want..
the little white mouse, who
doesn’t belong in
this collectible house.

Wish to rescue,
wish to do,
but what and when?
In despair tears rise,
as I open – my eyes.

Heart beating me awake,
starting my day forlorn.
Shake the dream
from my head, like
a leaf from my hair,
but this one sticks:
a spider’s webbing
of baited feeling.

An hour’s drive –
the feeling stays.
Smiles and welcomes –
the feeling stays.
My speech draws nearer,
I’ll soon move to take my place inside.
I linger, a moment longer, outside..

white car trashed.

NOW’s my time to
save the mouse..

and so off I daSH..


23 thoughts on “White Mouse

  1. cool how the dream translates into reality…. mostly i can’t remember my dreams but some are strangely real and they stick with me for a while…

    • I find it interesting how a dream can make sense when in the dream, but on recalling it later it seems like nonsense, so we force our own waking structure on it, and potentially distort it. I tried to capture the dream as close to how it was, without too much elaboration.

  2. nice intensity to this…the rhythm of it and pace are spot on…crazy dream but then again so it seems reality…i like hte leaf stuck int he hair that wont let go…as it sticks with you like this dream….dash on…catch that mouse…

  3. I love how you describe your dream scene, I’ve been in many an antique shop myself, and you different take on care-taking as I have also enjoyed being a caretaker for people in the past !! Plus it’s always so kewl to hear the author in her own voice !! Is that a British accent I detect ? Thank You for sharing and I really enjoyed spending a moment here with you !! R

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